Our Mission

Aut2Luv Aut2Luv is a judgment-free zone! Our mission is to build a community for parents and loved ones who love and care for those on the spectrum. A safe place and community will share ideas through open discussions, encourage those through their journey, and promote a healthy mental lifestyle along the way. Living with Autism isn't a walk in the park. We celebrate the little wins just as much as the big ones. We Pray, We try, and We continue. However, sometimes parents loved ones, and caregivers are often forgotten about. We love and care for our children, family, and friends, but it can be an emotional battle. On the ugly side of the spectrum, people forget to share. We hear the black and white, all while living in the grey. Oftentimes, we feel isolated, misunderstood, judged, and helpless. Some may even think; How can anyone relate? or my family/friends just don't understand. And the Truth Is! Millions of people are uneducated about Autism and the life it fills. No autistic home is ever the same and textbook answers could never prep you for your journey. This Community is for us, by us, to ENCOURAGE US! So feel free to scream, cry, and celebrate for there is never the same day in the life of AUTISM, but we continue.

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